Linda Capriotti

I received a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Zoology from Oregon State University.  I previously held a certification as an Oregon Wildlife Rehabilitator.  I presented parrot exhibits at schools; retirement facilities; festivals; pet stores and other locations.  I volunteered at the Portland Zoo Nursery where I cared for many types of babies.  I retired from the US Forest Service after 28 years of work.

Jim Warner retired from the US Forest Service after working 35 years in reforestation and wildfire recovery.  He now works full time on caring for our exotic bird collection.

We have been Aviculturists since 1986.  In addition to raising parrots, I have other products to offer on the Products and Links pages of our web site.

Meetings attended:

Association of Avian Veterinarians AAV Annual Conferences

Oregon State University Avian Medicine and Breeder Conference

Bird Behavior seminar from Sally Blanchard